How to Get Light Skin Within a Week?

Do you have dark and dull skin? Want to lighten your skin? Dark and dull skin is caused by the sun exposure and sun’s UV rays. Apart from that, it also occurred because of lifestyle, poor diet, stress on work, and like more. Many people put their lots of effort on lightening the skin by using the creams available in the market. If you’re one of them failed with your method of lightening the skin and looking for how to get light skin, then here are the solutions for your problem.

How to get light skin within a week?

How to get light skinNo matter that you want to lighten your skin within in a week or month. When it comes to lightening the skin, natural remedies that use natural ingredients are the right choice. There are so many chemical products available in the market, but they all fooled you and also leave side effects too.

Therefore, a natural remedy that is made with the ingredients that available in your kitchen is best to use. Below are some of the natural home remedies to lighten the skin.

  1. Oranges

A most important vitamin for skin to lighten is vitamin C. You know orange is rich in vitamin C. In addition to that, it has bleaching property too. So, apply the orange juice on the skin directly or drink a glass of orange juice on the daily basis.

  1. Gram flour

Gram flour is another home remedy to treat the skin and make it as light.  This is because gram flour contains more nutrients that help to lighten the skin. Moreover, it removes excess oil from the skin.

Take small amount of gram flour and mix with normal water or rose water. Apply on the face, hands, and leg and leave it for few minutes to dry. Then, rinse your face with water to remove gram flour and repeat this method for once a day on regular basis.

  1. Honey

All we know honey is good for health right!! But, you know it also a good ingredient to treat your skin and lighten it. You can apply a well-qualified honey directly on the skin and leave it to dry for few minutes. After that, wash your face with water.

On the other hand, you can also use lemon juice with honey. Prepare lemon juice and mix with a tablespoon of honey All we know honey is good for healthand apply on the face.  Wash your face after few minutes with water.

  1. Aloe Vera gel

Hyperpigmentation is the major problem that prevents to get fair skin. But, if you use aloe vera gel on the face, then you can get rid of that hyperpigmentation. Naturally, aloe vera has the power of cooling and it also regenerates new skin cells.

Remove the aloe vera gel from the aloe leaf and directly apply on the face. Leave it for 10 minutes to dry and wash your face using your regular soap.

By following the above inexpensive methods, you can effectively lighten the skin within a week.

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